Brick Lane Beigels

Published in Food and Drink - 1 min to read

I’ve been to Brick Lane a few times since having moved to London, and every single time there been a queue out the door and down the street outside Beigel Bake. Brick Lane is a busy place, but nowhere else seemed to be attracting quite the same kind of crowd that the seemingly humble beigel shop was, so naturally it piqued my interest, and what better to do on my holiday than make another pilgrammage to Brick Lane to try to catch a quieter time.

I couldn’t decide between the salmon and cream cheese and the salt beef beigel, so I made the obvious choice and got one of each. They were surprisingly cheap, the former being only £2.40 when I wasn’t aware London operated on denominations of less than £5. They were also both incredibly delicious, particularly the salt beef, which was warm, spicy and delicious, all while giving me the impression that what I was doing was deeply unhealthy the whole time I was eating it.

I’m glad I made the trip, and I now understand why people are happy to queue for one. 9/10 would strongly recommend.