I'm Bad At Running

Published in Running - 1 min to read

After seeing some photos of myself from The Big Half last weekend, I thought that my running form didn’t look great, and maybe I ought to do something about it. It’s hard analyse your own technique when you’re in the act of running, so I took my tripod to the local park and self-consciously took some videos of myself running back and forth over a twenty metre stretch of path at a few different speeds, so I could see if there was anything obvious to work on.

And as it turns out, there was a lot to work on, and my form is actually pretty bad. I over-stride significantly and strike the ground with my heel on each step, something that I can get away with due to usually running in “maximalist” Hoka One One shoes. My cadence is also lower than ideal, I could do with leaning forward a bit more, and having a more stable core…

None of this is going to change between now and my next race, but at least afterwards it’ll be good to have things to work on that aren’t just increasing aerobic capacity.