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This weekend is the first closed beta testing for Diabotical, the long-awaited (i.e. since 2013) arena FPS from former-Quake-pro-turned-esports-ass-turned-game-studio-owner, James ‘2GD’ Harding. I backed this game on Kickstarter in the late 18th century and have been dutiful awaiting its arrival ever since, all the while my expectations increasing inversely proportional to my hopes.

To my great surprise, Yames has actually delivered - Diabotical feels phenomenal. The engine, movement and weapon systems all flow smoothly and feel intuitive. The game manages to give the impression that its skill ceiling is stratospheric, while still being fun and accessible for an AFPS rookie such as myself. The matchmaking system is, currently, akin to being lit on fire and shot from a cannon into a vat of boiling pitch, but still, beggars can’t be choosers.

If they can fix the server issues (which admittedly is the whole point of the beta testing I’m currently participating in), Diabotical really could be a spiritual successor to Quake, shiny and polished for the modern audience. I’m excited to see how many former pros come out of the woodwork to try their hand once some moeny starts being thrown at tournaments, and I’m sure I’ll be tuning in to see the best in the world duke it out in Diabotical’s colourful frenzy.