Life Without Wifi

Published in Wellbeing / Technology - 1 min to read

Our ISP shit the bed today (again) and so we’re left without WiFi, at this point as much of a dietary staple as bread or coffee. In its absence, I found myself listing atop the ocean of distractions, teetering precariously on the brink of having to be alone with my own thoughts. In order to fill the void, I booted up my Steam library, and was soon marvelling at the abundance of wonderful choices that I had - there were so many games here I wanted to play, and thought I would derive great joy from each. But for some reason, whenever I have an internet connection, I always find something far less tangible to occupy me, something that seems to occupy a higher priority in my mind but is far more fleeting in nature. I truly believe video games are art, and I am determined to make more time in my schedule for their consumption.