Dry June

Published in Wellbeing / Mental Health - 1 min to read

On Sunday I went for a reasonably long run (~27.5km) and then proceed to have several pints of ale in the evening and about 4 hours sleep. This evening I headed out on a 12km “social” group run and it was… not good. Obviously. I shouldn’t have to have had the experience of it being bad to know that it was going to be bad.

I have a couple of big races coming up alarmingly soon, and after the success of Dry January, I’ve decided to bring back teetotalism for the next “J” month of the year, and give Dry June a whirl, which will likely also bleed into Dry July as that’s when the races are. After that, who knows? Perhaps I’ll give up alcohol forever.

I am very excited about the health and finance benefits offered by the prospect of not drinking. I am obviously worried my social life will suffer, especially at a time when I am keen to make new friends and would love the conversational lubricant that alcohol affords, but I don’t think drinking is worth it for me. I guess I’ll just have to learn how to actually have a conversation with a stranger while sober.

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