New Routines II

Published in Personal / Wellbeing / Mental Health - 1 min to read

It’s been slightly over two weeks since I moved here, and my idealised new routine has not only not materialised, almost no progress has been made whatsoever. I am already in good habits when it comes to exercise, with my week now largely structured around work, running and climbing, but when it comes to everything else in between there is neither rhyme nor rhythm. The only thing that’s more over the place than my sleeping pattern is my eating habits, and those two combined are usually are pretty good barometer for my overall state of mind. I am still loving life - none of the novelty has worn off and I feel like I am maximising all the new opportunities available to me, but I know if I want it to be last, I need to get a routine locked down sharpish. I feel rushed all the time, and know that I need some kind of both internal and external peace if I want to be happy in a sustainable way. So that’s the goal for this week; to come back next Monday and say I’ve laid the foundations of a new, healthy routine.

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