Emotional Fragility

Published in Personal / Mental Health - 1 min to read

By and large I’ve been doing pretty well recently. I feel good most of the time, with a baseline of content, occasionally spiking up to actual happiness. It makes a change from my usual less-than-sunny disposition, and I’m trying to be as grateful as possible about the whole thing. I have noticed though, that when small things go wrong, I spiral quite quickly, and let whole days be lost to anxiety and stress over thoughts and feelings that I feel I ought to be equipped to be able to deal with more constructively. This emotional fragility is frustrating, and stops me from enjoying the good times quite as much as I might like. Emotional resilience is something I’m going to have to work on, but where to start doesn’t seem obvious without doing some thinking and research. I can’t stop feeling what I’m feeling, nor feeling it strongly. Maybe mindfulness or stoicism is the answer, or maybe it’s more fully expressing those difficult emotions straight away, without giving them any chance to fester at all.