Feeling Overwhelmed II

Published in Wellbeing / Mental Health - 1 min to read

Since I last wrote about feeling overwhelmed, I think I have at least got a lot better at recognising it at any earlier juncture, before I well and truly reach breaking point and become unable to function. The question still remains; how to stop the piling up of obligations, the hydraesque to-do list, the amount of ‘me’ time dwindling into non-existence.

My old pattern is to keep trying to do it all, keep trying to do it all, keep trying to do it all, snap and then do none of it. The new pattern I am trying to do establish is this: realise I am trying to do too much, every day do one thing on my to-do list and then remove another without doing it, rinse and repeat. Just doing one thing a day is fine - even if that thing only takes 5 minutes. If anything is urgent enough, it’ll be the thing I do today - no two things are ever big enough that they both need doing right this very second.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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