Flat Hunting III

Published in Personal - 1 min to read

Finding a new flat has hung over me in the time since my last race, the thing that was previously hanging over me. Properties in London move so quickly that quite often by the time I’ve sent an email enquiring about a flat, it’s already been let, and when I do get the opportunity to go view one, I have to make a decision on the same day about whether or not I want it. My experience with estate agents continues to be almost universally terrible. Rental prices in London are absolutely absurd and I am dogged by the feeling that I am making an unforgiveable financial blunder.

But, at least now I have the ball rolling, with several viewings booked in already this week. My neighbours are loudly playing music, kindly reminding me that I am making the right decision in leaving. Once I am moved, and finally have somewhere quiet to live, I am hoping that the peace that affords me translates into better mental health, but until then, the process is difficult and stressful.