Mental Health Goals II

Published in Mental Health - 1 min to read

I’ve been thinking some more about mental health goals, but still haven’t actually come up with any yet - it turns out they’re harder than regular goals. Usually the goals I set are either habit-based, or focused on working towards a single big achievement, but neither is really appropriate for my mental health. I can’t set a goal of “achieve a neutral opinion of myself” because that’s not how that works, and setting a goal of eg meditating every day quickly becomes a chore rather than an act of self compassion.

So my goals need to be imperfect, and deliberately so. Rather than meditate every day, it needs to be meditate 5 days out of 7 - and meditating 6 or 7 days is unacceptable. It needs to be setting 3 goals, and achieving precisely 2. It needs to be bailing on plans at the last minute because I’m on the brink of a meltdown at least once a month.

Those kinds of goals sound a lot more fun. Hopefully I’ll have some I’m ready to commit to soon.

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