I Don't Like Running

Published in Running - 1 min to read

I have heard a lot of people justify their choice to be runners with some variation of the line “I don’t like running, I just really hate not running”, and that sentiment certainly resonates with me. I picked up what I hope is a small, inconsequential calf injury doing track last week, and so ended up not doing my planned long run yesterday, and I spent the whole day feeling decidedly blue. It wasn’t that I was even consciously dwelling on not having run, but suddenly I had a whole Sunday to feel, and didn’t have the usual sense of achievement (and flurry of endorphins) that came with having spent a couple of hours padding round the streets of London.

It is always a bit worrying that if I got more seriously injured, my wellbeing might take a more severe hit, and perhaps I need to try to find some kind of back-up exercise regime for if and when that happens. As it is, fingers crossed that I can eat well and get a couple of good night’s sleep, and then get back to it tomorrow.

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