Video Games

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Since being in London, I’ve not really played any video games - something that is deeply unlike me. I’ve been so busy, and playing on a laptop just isn’t so fun. Now I finally have my PC, a shiny new 32 inch 4k monitor and a snazzy mechanical keyboard, as well as crucially some free time this weekend, I’ve been enjoying having some time to relax and play. As always seems to happen when I take a long break, I remember how healthy it feels to do something for the fun of it, rather than because it’s productive, and realise that any guilt or shame associated with playing video games is, for me, pointless.

There are so many games I want to play - I want to finish Kentucky Route Zero, I want to start Planescape Torment over 20 years too late, I want to experience the beauty of Sable once it comes out. I just need to find some extra hours in the day somehow…