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Today I am trying to mix it up from always going to Brighton and instead heading to Margate, a quaint-yet-trendy seaside town on the east coast of England. It immediately loses points to it’s aforementioned southern cousin, Brighton, for being about 1.5x as long on the train, but I won’t bedgrudge it that before I’ve even got there.

The main attractions, for me at least, are the Turner Contemporary, the authentic seaside fish & chips, and of course the sea itself. Having not seen it for a few weeks, I miss the sea a lot more than I thought I would, and I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do in the winter months when a trip to the beach is a lot less appealing. Still, even if tomorrow is overcast, it’s not forecast to rain, the air is warm, and better yet, the sea is some of the warmest it’ll be all year, so I’m keen to try and do a little more than just get my head under in preparation for my attempts at pool swimming later in the week.