New Routines

Published in Personal / Wellbeing / Mental Health - 1 min to read

Routine is important to me, particularly in terms of preserving my fragile mental health, but in the past couple of weeks, I have let mine lapse. With so much life-admin to do and so many social obligations to fulfill before my departure tomorrow, I didn’t have enough of the time and energy needed to stick to my preferred way of existence, and so I’ve broken almost all the good habits I’d built up over lockdown.

But that’s fine - stressful situations like this are going to come up, and I don’t have to be perfect during them. Come Saturday, I will theoretically have a lot more mental space to devote to not only reinstating my old, familiar routine, but to building new ones. I’m going to finally have space for a yoga mat, the facilities to grind and brew coffee, the ability to wake up at 6am without disturbing anyone… all these things are incredibly exciting to me.

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