New Year's Resolutions II

Published in Personal - 1 min to read

Last year I didn’t write about resolutions, but I still feel pretty much the same as I did two years ago. People who hate on resolutions are cynics, and I’m still trying not to be one. I managed another whole year without killing myself, although sadly I weigh pretty much the same, am decidedly un-jacked, my self esteem is still… not so good… but at least I am a little closer to a lot of the people around me. Oh, and I didn’t read Infinite Jest.

My resolutions this year are admittedly a bit predictable, but I’m going to just say that I’m being perseverant; don’t kill myself, lose weight & get jacked, improve self esteem wholly unconnected to my body, and read 12 books in a the year, none of which are by David Foster Wallace. Fingers crossed I can pull them all off.

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