Overstimulated II

Published in Personal / Wellbeing - 1 min to read

Today was my second float since being in London. It felt much more needed than the first; after having been here for three whole weeks, I’ve been overwhelmed with both sensations and emotions, and I needed some time away from the former in order to unpack the latter. There weren’t any epiphanies per se, just a lot of clarity on what was really going on in my head.

Recently this blog has been neither interesting nor honest. And there are things I thought about in the dark and the quiet today, that I do want to be honest about, hopefully also making them interesting. They are difficult, big things that deserve a lot of my care and attention before they are in a state to be written about, and then they will require some meaningful thought about what I want to say. I might even go back and proof read those posts. I know this is all a bit cryptic, but surely that’s got to be better than reading posts about how I wore shorts for a day?

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