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Much like Ted, I have also been struggling to work out how to best manage my resources. At the moment I feel incredibly time-poor, but reasonably money-not-poor (I feel like everyone finds the idea of describing themselves as rich as physically disgusting, right?), and so presumably there are oppporunities to spend money to gain/save time. The problem is that everyone is trying to sell you some product or service that promises just that, but I often find it hard to work out which ones are worth buying. Is it worth paying for takeaway every night? Not on my budget. Is it worth signing up for one of those recipe delivery services? It’s looking a lot more tempting. Is it worth paying for someone to design my training programmes for running/climbing? Maybe. Is it worth paying for someone to clean my flat once a month… almost certainly. Paying for floating very much feels like throwing money at the general issue of my mental health and wellbeing, which I think is usually -EV but seems to be working quite well in this instance. Maybe there are other opportunities to spend money to make time, but perhaps that would require crunching the numbers on what an hour of my time is worth. I think at that point things are starting to get very dangerous, as I start wondering if my human interactions are worth that amount of money and generally becoming far too poker player-y, analytical, inhuman and insane about the whole thing.