Radical Listening

Published in Wellbeing - 2 mins to read

After having spoken about radical honesty in the past, it’s something I still think about a lot, in the context of how I can do it better and who with. Today I read about the other side of the coin - radical listening - and I already feel strongly that I want to get better at that even more so. In a way it seems obvious - if everyone was radically honest but nobody was really listening, then the honesty by itself might not do so good.

I’m also acutely aware that I could be a lot, lot better at listening than I currently am. I overthink what a person is saying while they’re in the process of saying it to me, I try to take action to help as quickly as possible so I can feel like I have value, I simply put too much of myself in any situation when I ought to be making space for someone else. So, the goal is to listen radically - to not be quick to offer counsel or a solution, to not make things about me, to not react at all until I think I truly understand what a person is saying to me, and how they feel.

I’ll let you know how it goes.