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There is a slew of simple little apps that use the Spotify API to give you data on your listening habits (much of which I am surprised Spotify don’t offer themselves through their UI), and today I found another one, Receiptify. The app is relatively straightforward and built with Node, the code for which can be found here. I’m not entirely convinced of the accuracy of the data, based on my results, but I don’t know whether that’s the fault of Spotify’s API or the app itself. My results were… wholly unsurprising. Car Seat Headrest’s Fill in the Blank is my #9 most played song of the last month, #3 in the last six months, and (confusingly) both #1 and #9 on my all time list. CSH dominate my all time top 10 occupying five of the slots, with two of the remaining going to Arcade Fire, and then one each for Polyphia, You Slut!, and Neutral Milk Hotel. My most played this month is family ties by Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamar, and if you haven’t listened to it then you absolutely should.