Record Stores

Published in Music - 1 min to read

Today is Record Store Day here in the UK, so I decided to head to fashionable Brick Lane and check out the legendary Rough Trade record store. I’ve been to record stores a handful of times, and it’s always a funny experience - I know I am never going to buy any vinyl, because a) I don’t have a record player and b) my bank statement doesn’t have room to fund another expensive habit in my life. Despite these things, I love flicking through the rows, trying to find some kind of hidden gem that I might buy in an alternate universe. Not buying any of it makes me a little sad, as they are things I would love to own and thing I would get a lot of pleasure from, so the act of going into the store to stare forlornly and the thousands of cardboard covers is a slightly masochistic experience.

Still, one day I will have a record player, and a bigger wallet, and I’ll finally be able to actually buy things from places like Rough Trade. And I think when that day comes, I will be a very happy camper.