Vegas Envy

Published in Poker and Gambling - 1 min to read

Somebody I know is in Vegas, and I am more jealous than I thought I’d be. The sun is shining gloriously in London, there’s plenty of new places to explore and I’m still making the most of the smorgasbord of new food opportunities available to me. I don’t particularly like casinos, I definitely don’t like rooms with no natural light, and my poker abilities are so rusty at this point that I barely remember my overbluffs from my check-shoves. But still, I would love to be in Sin City right now, to take in the sights and sounds of the gambling epicentre of the world, but most importantly to play some cards with the American fish. My Vegas debut is inching ever-higher up the list of post-pandemic travel aspirations, but I know that when I get there everyone is gonna see that I’m a European kid, and (incorrectly) assume that I’m good and not wanna play hands with me. Maybe now’s the time to take up acting classes and work on my Texas drawl?