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This afternoon we did our team’s usual end-of-sprint retrospective, and, as always, I loved it. It’s a time to celebrate successes, air frustrations, learn from mistakes made and generally put our heads together to work out how we can function more effectively as a team. I think a big part of our collective success comes down to the retros that we do.

Which is funny, because I think as a person, I never really do that kind of thing, and perhaps people in general don’t tend to do it much either. I’m always focusing on whatever the next thing might be, and perhaps that is part of the reason why I so often find myself frustrated that I can’t seem to break out of a cycle of behaviour or results. I think the easiest way to do this is probably going to be as part of the journal I keep in Notion, and create a new template for some kind of weekly or monthly personal retrospective.