Sea Mine Spotted

Published in Running - 1 min to read

While out running today I set myself the challenge of getting lost, which I duly succeeded in. As I was meandering through some lanes in a fairly nice part of the island, the lawns were manicured, there were Mercedes' parked in driveways, and freshly painted detached houses glistened in the sun. Oh, and one of them had a fucking sea mine as a garden ornament, right by the road, painted bright red. What is wrong with people?

At the expense of probably being preachy (some things never change), I’ve found running to be a pretty cool way to see where you live in a new light. I’ve got to explore and go places I’ve never been, despite having lived virtually my whole life here, and these places are often within a kilometre or two of where I live - I’d just never bothered to venture down many unknown roads.