Some More Thoughts About Weight Loss II

Published in Diet and Fitness - 1 min to read

I quite like the idea of keeping a diary of how I feel about my body, rather than recording my weight every day. I also do like the accountability/inspiration aspects of weight loss communities, and think it’d be cool to be part of one which also focused on things other than what the scales say. I want to talk about it here too, but it’s going to be pretty depressing, at least to start with, so… sorry about that.

The ultimate goal is to one day write here that I am at peace with my body, and not particularly interested in changing it anymore. My starting point is that I took a video of myself climbing the other day with a view to posting it on Instagram, but I didn’t because when I watched the video, I was struck by how big I look compared to every other climber I see. I have three followers on Instagram, they’re three of my closest friends, and they all know exactly what I look like.