The recipe for success II

Published in Career - 1 min to read

A long time ago I gave my three ingredients for success as self-awareness, patience and work ethic. I would like to think that I have improved on all three fronts in the two and a half years since writing that, but now I think there is fairly clearly some components of the formula which I omitted; namely self-respect, knowledge of the market, networking & communication soft skills, and of course, a huge amount of luck.

Admittedly the success I was desirous of at the time was that found in poker, so I’ll forgive a little of my naïveté, but now I am in software and so naturally the definition of success has changed (although I think that all the other skills are equally as applicable to poker, they’re just less obviously so). I think my knowledge of the market is passable, and my luck seems to be boundless, however the others all have a long way to go.

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