The Room II

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Last night I watched Tommy Wiseau’s masterpiece The Room for maybe the fourth of fifth time. After having decried it as the worst film ever in my original post on the subject, I have since seen the light and now understand clearly that it is in fact the best film ever. I’m not sure I’ve ever laughed as much at a film as I did last night. Having watched it several times only makes it better, as did the wine we were drinking. It also subverts the usual experience of watching a film, which I would consider to be fairly anti-social as you feel obliged not to talk so as to miss important dialogue or plot points, and instead the film is infinitely better if you discuss the film as you go. There is literally no plot so it’s important to miss any, and the dialogue is so repetetive that even if you miss a line or two, you’ll hear it a few more times before the movie is over anyway.

I genuinely love this film, I think it’s a masterpiece. Or perhaps, in light of its biopic being called The Disaster Artist, I should say it’s a disasterpiece.

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