Therapeutic Work is Draining

Published in Mental Health - 1 min to read

I’ve been trying to watch videos about Transactional Analysis as part of the ‘homework’ my therapist set me this week, and I am finding each one of them absolutely exhausting. I am just about managing one a night before being overwhelmed by the urge to lie completely motionless in bed for however long it takes until morning comes. I don’t even know why exactly, I feel like I should find them interesting on some level, I think it’s just the effort of pairing every concept to some part of my psyche, retrofitting every memory floating through my brain with a new kaleidoscopic lens of borderline psychobabble.

But, I’m still hopeful it’s painful and difficult and draining in the good, make-you-better-in-the-long-run kinda way. You know, like eating salads.