I Love You IV

Published in Personal / Wellbeing - 1 min to read

Earlier this week my little brother told me about how one of his friends had had a few drinks and told him that they loved him, and his response seemed to be that he was taken aback by it. I told him I thought it was cute, and he said he wasn’t so sure, and it made me think that people don’t tell each other they love one another enough - what are we afraid of? Being vulnerable and opening ourselves up to the chance we might get hurt? If we love someone then we love someone, even if we don’t say it out loud. That they won’t say it back? Maybe a better founded fear, but like I’ve talked about before I think the words “I love you” are a beautiful gift when you are able to give them without expectation.

Another goal for the foreseeable future - tell my friends I love them more often.

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