Track Debut

Published in Running - 2 mins to read

I haven’t run on a track since secondary school, and back then, it was a grim affair. At that point running was purely punitive, and I can’t really remember how I ended up being in a position to be on the track anyway. Ten years later and tonight I was back on a track by choice, for one of the sessions that so many people at the running club have raved about, and it turned out to be a tonne of fun.

Beforehand I was obviously terrified because, you know, there was a chance I just got absolutely smoked by my group, despite sandbagging my 5k time when signing up. Fortunately I was pretty well matched with who I was running with, and I loved running hard with other people, pushing each other on each rep. We were meant to do 12-16x400m at 5k pace with 60s rest, and what we actually did was 14x400m at closer to mile pace with more like 90s rest, and I’m lead to believe that going too fast and taking too much rest is very much standard fair for track sessions. Hopefully my legs aren’t too crushed as I have to run again tomorrow, but I’m glad I got out of my comfort zone to try something new, and that it was so enjoyable.