Zero Notifications

Published in Misc - 1 min to read

I am always on a quest to have 0 red notification bubbles on my iPhone. I think this is very easy for some people, and very difficult for others, and I suspect you could even derive some meaningful information about someone’s personality from the number of unopened notifications they have, for how many apps etc. I have already turned notifications off for 90% of the apps on my phone, leaving only the ones I have deemed as ‘essential’, and all my apps are condensed into a single folder, meaning when I unlock my phone I just have one red bubble.

I used to be really good at getting to zero, but recently I have been sitting at a baseline of around five. The culprits are almost always correspondence chess games and my iPhone settings, the latter of which have the most annoyingly persistent notifications of all apps I’ve encountered so far. My iCloud storage is almost full, and the little red bubble will not go away unless I either free some up or fork out the dough to Tim Apple for more space. Goal for the weekend; return to zero notifications, one way or the other.