Christmas Nights Out

Published in Personal - 1 min to read

Christmas nights out are always the best. Everyone is buzzing off not having to work for a few days, you get to bump into everyone from school you haven’t spoken to in years, 12 months worth of worries can all be forgotten for the duration of a handful of blurry evenings. Given how much I usually struggle with my mental health at this time of year, they are usually the only thing that get me through.

This year is also very different. I am exceptionally lucky to be able to go out and socialise freely with friends and strangers alike, and know that there are millions of people who have not had the chance to do so since March, and would do anything to be in my shoes. So hopefully, as I am sinking pints like its going out of fashion tonight, I will be able to be grateful for it, and not take it for granted like I have hundreds of times previously.